Once the capital of Roman Britain, leaving beloved London as just a place which traders used to hang out in, Colchester was a place of history and now a hell of a lot more. Shining through as the upcoming capital it once was, our building The Hythe Mills is right at the heart of this amazingly underrated town.

Find us at Hythe Mills, Hawkins Road, Colchester, CO2 8JX

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accommodation has...
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Data no more. Our accommodation proudly has high speed internet and WiFi in all rooms, meaning you can stay connected with home, friends, and the latest Netflix box-set.
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Access control managed buildings with CCTV, and personal safes in every room.
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Letting you focus on the things that matter to you, we include all bills & insurance in each and every room option.
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If you ever have a question or need help with your flat, feel free to utilise the on-site support from our management teams.
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Meltingly hot summers, a stuffy atmosphere which smells funny. Forget those things with air conditioning installed in every room.
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Partnering with our tech friends Samsung, every room comes with a TV installed for linking your laptop to or having a film night in. Unfortunately the popcorn isn’t included.
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With a dedicated portal, log any maintenance requests to our team whether it’s awkward, the middle of the night or if you’re in a rush.
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Part of student life is knowing you’re well connected. Here you’ll be near to not only the university campuses but also the town centre and all it has to offer!
Networking Hub
Drinks and friends aside, you can make the most of this dedicated riverside networking area to connect and work with other students who share the same interests as you.
Central location
The Hythe Mills keeps you closer to the heart and life of this town as you get to know both Colchester, and your new home.
Fitness and Classes
For more than just a flat. Make the most of our on-site fitness studio at any time, equipped with spin bikes and body pump equipment.
Bike storage
As well as great links to public transport, you can use our on-site bike storage to keep your wheels safe for when you need them 24/7.
With everything to live comfortably, it’s also important to look and feel great. So we’ve included on-site laundry facilities to make sure you can look and feel fresh every single day.
Easy payments
At every step we want to make it easier for you. That’s why we have spread our rent payments across the year so you only need to make four instalments.
  • We also have accessible rooms available, please contact hythe.mills@futuregeneration.com for more details.
  • As you might expect, each come with their own private bathroom
  • Being ever the social option, these come in a communal 8 – 9 bedroom flat arrangement
  • There really is no excuse not to cook with your spacious shared kitchen
  • Deadlines can have a bit more attention, because your kitchens are cleaned weekly with the on-site cleaning team.

Standard En-Suite

Price: £167 pw

Size: 12 - 14 sqm

Premium En-Suite

Price: £171 pw

Size: 12 - 17 sqm

Premium En-Suite Plus

Price: £181 pw

Size: 17 sqm

  • If you’re looking for somewhere to call your own, our studios offer complete privacy
  • Our self contained studios are designed with a personal en-suite and fully fitted kitchenette
  • With a range of sizes available, these flats will allow you to live in peace and focus on the important things in your life

Standard Studio

Price: £192 pw

Size: 19 - 21 sqm

Standard Studio Plus

Price: £196 pw

Size: 19 - 21 sqm

Premium Studio

Price: £199 pw

Size: 21 - 23 sqm

Accessible Studio

Price: £209 pw

Size: 27 sqm

Luxury Studio

Price: £216 pw

Size: 26 - 27 sqm

Luxury Studio Plus

Price: £229 pw

Size: 30.1 sqm

Deluxe Studio

Price: £247 pw

Size: 32 sqm

Deluxe Studio Plus

Price: £253 pw

Size: 32.5 sqm

Local Heroes



The ultimate boss woman linked to Essex. Queen, yes, Queen, Boadicea is the famous warrior queen we all learned about in school. She gathered a huge army across the country and rose up against the might of Roman rule in first century of Britain. Destroying the capital of Roman Britain which was, you guessed it, Colchester, she was a fearless leader and quite the figure of history.

Did You Know

Essex students are known to be ‘Rebels with a cause’. Essex Uni has always been a pretty political place to be. In the 60’s students staged a revolutionary festival. On a particularly cold day some students drove a Fiat 500 onto one of the frozen fountains which used to be on square 3 of campus. They poured petrol on the ice and set it alight as a part of the political activism, which is definitely one way to go about it.

For Extroverts


Rating: 9/10

University of Essex Student’s Union, Wivenhoe Park, Essex, CO4 3SQ
It’s the only nightclub on campus and you’ll come to know it oh so very well, perhaps affectionately as Subby-Z too if you’re getting friendly. This is the place to be and where everyone on campus goes, so amongst the pop and chart music you’ll see loads of crazy costumes and bump into most people you know from uni. Set aside a trusty pair of shoes though because, while it’s one of the only clubs where it's acceptable to wear converse, the floors are memorably sticky.

Team Mentality

American Football

Fancy your hand at the Hollywood classic? Whether you've tried it before or not, Essex is the perfect place to try out the infamous jock sport. You'll get training, kit, a coach and some ace team mates who will show you the ropes (not literal ropes...). Even past American Football there’s 46 Essex Blades clubs you can join from cheerleading, to rugby, tennis and rowing, and it’s all campus too.

The rooms
So, what you’re naturally here for, the rooms available in our building. We have a number of different types available, ranging through communal kitchen floors to private studio flats plus 44 and 52 week contracts.
Bedroom Image
This is the place you're going to call home for the next 3 years (despite your parents not wanting you to), and we've made sure they are as welcoming as possible. With Samsung's pioneering technology built in, we've done our best to balance form and function into every part of your room.
Facilities Images
Kitchens might sound boring, but to a student they're the communal area and beating heart of a flat. You're going to have great evenings here, and maybe not so great ones. Despite all the memories you'll have, we want you to know (and impress your parents) that they have safe and slick appliances for cooking as well as takeaways.