stance is a
strong word.
but then we don’t
exactly half heart things
Future Generation was founded with a rebellious spirit and ambitious objectives; to prepare students for a life worth living. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was that student housing is exactly that - housing. Nothing more. We create the more...

But in order to understand what a student wants we needed to understand what a student is. A student is someone who is in education: someone who’s learning. They usually have other pursuits, interests and business ventures too.

We’re sure you can vouch for this.

now isn't
new enough
When you consider that students now have been part of the smartphone generation and haven’t known a world without the internet, it’s not surprising that they’re sophisticated consumers. They’re the most technologically advanced generation ever. Importantly they’re like any other adult. So lets treat them as adults rather than students.

Refined personal bedrooms for whatever you get up to

Takeaway slaying, sleek looking, party space kitchens

A home from home, right down to the bathrooms

be the author
not the audience
We live in a new world. A world of zero hour contracts, the gig economy and remote working. It’s also a world of mass opportunity. The home of a new generation. The Future Generation. School has become Uni and Uni is work. We learn while we play and we play while we work. Entrepreneurs are getting younger and information is free. There’s no point educating yourself for work, you need to educate yourself for life.

The old paradigm was traditional, vocational and structured. The new is free flowing, flexible and opportunistic. We’re proud of that opportunity and encourage you to find yours. We reward curiosity and hope to inspire the aspirers. Accommodation is no longer for staying, its for living.
notice the
find the positive
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This is the future generation.
Student living is a turbulent, exciting and quick period. It's a crossroads of moving from home comforts to an independent world. It takes you closer to a life of your own with endless adventures - to have studied alongside the next game changer, or lived with your next social influencer. It's you who we’re accommodating for and speaking to in such an important transition.

We won’t patronise. We’ll elevate and inspire. Highlighting the interesting twists and do so in an accessible way which puts the listener on the forefront of conversation. Empathise; acknowledge the difficulties of life, but don't wallow. Don't do nothing. Spur on and build a community of futurists.
This is the future generation.